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C++ programmer looking for small projects for experience

Hello, I have been programming in C++ for about a year and a half now and would like to gain experience programming by working in small projects. I would essentially like to join a larger team with several experienced C++ programmers so I may learn from them, thus giving me more experience in this field. I know quite a bit beyond the basics, and would love to join any type of project. I am not looking for any paid work, I am only working for experience. Thank you :).
Are you looking in joining a Game Development Company? Is so email me at: Pack_seth49@yahoo.com or add me on Skype: Spack1801

We have a few more C++ programmer spots open that we need filled.
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Are you still looking for C++ projects?
If yes please contact me ASAP!
Hello, I'm a young C++ programmer who wants to do the same as Nataniel Sheller. I want to become a professional programmer. I want to become more experienced in programming and learn more C++. I'm looking for small projects too. Please send me a PM. Thanks
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Hi Spack,

im also interested in developing for indie games.
i have already gained much experience working with cryengine and i am quiet familiar with the its principles.

send me a pm if youre interested.

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