SOS need C++ Sr. Mumbai

Job for : C / C++ Programmer

To qualify, the following skills are essential:

Strong knowledge of C++ and Object Oriented programming in general.
Past experience developing GUI-based applications (using one of the following: MFC.
Proven track record working in software project and using source version system

Knowledge and experience with the all or any of the following technologies is a bonus:

Cross-Platform compiling on windows, windows ce/mobile, linux, Mac OS X
CMake is the make generator
Visual Studio used on windows (2005) but projects files generated with CMake
Clean documentation of each class and function with doxygen.
KDE, Qt, Gnome, GTK / GTK+
Linux (especially, Debian and RedHat)
Shell and perl scripting
Networking and server knowledge

Minimum Experience 2-4 Years.
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