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Would Like C++ TUTOR ($Paid$) For One Semester. Interested?

Please do not refer me to sites like www.liveperson.com or tutoring sites.

I am looking to pay for a C++ TUTOR for one semester. I AM NOT interested in anyone that just wants to provide solutions. I am a full-time student and also run a few startup businesses, so having a tutor will help greatly when my TA and professor are unavailable or vice versa.

Of course, I am flexible with arrangements, but ideally, I would like to be coached for each assignment (5 total) and this would probably be most practical to do via a screensharing service such as Skype or TeamViewer. I would like to pay you a flat rate per assignment, with maybe 25-50% up front, and the remaining upon completion. Again, we can discuss a better method if you would like.

Thank you.
You can write me a PM about details of your proposal.
I'm also available for this. I'm a tutor at my college specifically for programming, and also already do a lot of work with other programmers using TeamViewer and Skype. Feel free to add me on Skype for further discussion: astpgmr
I'd consider this depending on rate.
I'm professional software architect, self-employed and have worked for startups as well.

Skype: zaitanz
Hi! I'm Nitin Shukla from India, currently in an Engineering College and placed in Oracle. Have a good experience in giving home tutions on C++.
Hope for ur reply: @nitsshukla
Me 3 year Exp in C++, and my brother is 7 Year Exp in C++.

Let me knw if you interested

Skype: mota.pratik
Gmail :- mota.pratik@gmail.com
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