Need C++ MENTOR [Soul Contract]

I'm currently a beginner in C++, knowing the basics does not make me a programmer. I'm looking for a mentor who is willing to teach me the fundamentals of C++, and the best architectural way to write a C++ code. As well as someone who could explain to me when and where is the right place to use functions, and the best/fastest functions for specified actions.

My goals are to learn C++ for gaming development purposes. I plan to enrich my coding skills, and eventually end up creating my own gaming programs, or creating them for others.

Help me, and I shall help you.

Silvan Schwarz.
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If the questions are not going to be retarded you're welcome to add my skype: zaitanz and ask me the occasional question.
I am 3 year Exp in C++. I only do Paid work.
If interested then
I can surely help you. I already boosted two people from the very beginning and basics of C++ to the most advanced concepts and algorithmic thinking in solving practical problems. (As a brief overlook, this would mean going from the understanding of what a compiler is, what a library is, to the more advanced concepts like backtracking, greedy method, graph theory, data structures, Standard Template Libraty, Object Orientated Programming and much much more). My skype is: raul.butuc5. I offer free assistance for the first 1-2 lessons, but after that, we have to discuss a price.

~ Raul ~
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