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Full time Sr. Software controls engineer-Gloucester, Ma.

We're currently looking for a full time sr software engineer who has experience working on complex machines utilize a patented, real-time control system (running on top of Microsoft Windows) that was developed by our software department to simultaneously manage over 2,300 subsystems with 15,000 state machines that control the high-voltage power supplies, magnets, robots, particle accelerators, spectrometers, cryogenic pumps and valves that make up the implanter.

The majority of control logic is programmed with a graphical editor. The resulting drawings are compiled into a file that encapsulates machine operation and operator interface. The underlying software objects are implemented with C++.

Software developers at Varian can expect to work on control system software for wafer handling, vacuum systems, ion beam control and embedded systems. Embedded systems are programmed primarily in C and some assembly.

Required Education:

BSCS, BSEE or BSME is required, MS preferred.

Required Experience:

• Requires a minimum 7+ years programming experience with C\C++.
• Experience leading or participating in design and implementation of real-time control of electro-mechanical systems required, including both hardware and software.
• Must have an understanding and willingness to support a formal design process.
• Ability to handle multiple projects at the same time and work as part of a cross-functional team is critical.
• Hands on control system experience is required.

Interested applicatants can forward their resume to Jeffrey.dellechiaie@vsea.com.
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