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C++ Programmers/Engineers - Entry Level to Experienced - Games Industry

HB Studios(www.hb-studios.com) has evolved from its humble beginnings in a small storefront in 2000 to a standalone 20,000 square foot studio housing its own 250 seat theatre, gym, and daycare. The studio is home to around 80 employees and is looking for more talented individuals to join our team.

Send Resume/CV to andyc@hb-studios.com

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Work closely with fellow Software Engineers and members of other disciplines on the project team
Ensure that the Technical Lead is aware of the progress of assigned work
Alert the Technical Lead of any issues that could disrupt agreed-upon schedules
Implement code and script to the required coding standards
Ensure that components are designed and reviewed prior to implementation
Achieve ingame performance targets as required by Production

Key Results

High quality work delivered on time
Positive working relationships fostered with other team members from all disciplines

Essential Skills, Knowledge and Experience

Passion for video games
Willingness to learn new tools, engines and languages
Practical experience programming in C++
Ability to meet deadlines
Self-motivated and willingness to take initiative
Demonstrated ability in written and verbal communication
Strong team player
Fundamental math skills (matrices, vectors, algebra, etc)
Computer Science (or similar) Graduate, or two years of relevant experience

Desirable Skills, Knowledge and Experience

Experience with a variety of programming languages (C#, Lua, JavaScript, SQL)
Interest in specific game programming disciplines (i.e. artificial intelligence, rendering, user interface, audio, etc.)
Experience with 3D graphics programming (Shaders, DirectX, OpenGL)
Experience working on video games
Experience with Windows programming
Advanced knowledge in math and physics

If you are interested and want more info, send me a message or email me at andyc@hb-studios.com and I will help you to get your resume/cv in front of the HR people at our company. Our company is located in Nova Scotia, Canada and we do hire qualified people from other countries who want to work in Canada.

Send Resume/CV to andyc@hb-studios.com
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