Need Help Hosting A Game Online

Is there anybody who could help me create a free website online, with a free domain, and put some server/client side code onto it. I'm new to putting a game online, i just finished creating the alpha version of my game (in Html/JavaScript), and the game is going to have more content added daily so needs to be able to be modified.

If you can help, for free, please give me an email at , I'm not looking for anything special, or neat, just to host my game (somewhat-text-based) on a website, for a minor amount of people to play.
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Have you asked Google? Its really pretty simple to get something setup if you just do a few searches.
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Also depending on how big your game is and how much bandwidth users will use ect. you might not be able to get a free hosting service. If it is just a basic game you might get by but if a decent amount of people are going to use it and its a fairly big game I would consider finding a hosting service which are not to expensive (around $9.99 a month for some basic plans if not less)
One good website is One of the best.
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