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Indie Game Developer in need of C++ programmers!

We are an Indie Game Development company that is currently developing an online MMO game that is in CRITICAL need for C++ programmers that are dedicated to what they do. This job will be a paid job upon game release (when we purchase a license).

Team Name: Hydrostatic Gaming

Add me on Skype: Spack1801

Here's just what the game looks like (somewhat)
Hi I am a c and c++ programmer. I am ready to work for free of cost just wanted to gain experience in c++ gaming world .Can I get a chance to join in your team.
What are you guys using to make the game in C++(ie. openGL, Direct X,...)? Also what platform are you guys developing for? O:. I have average experience with openGL if that's what you guys are using as a renderer.
Looks like CryENGINE. C++ engine using DirectX.
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