Request for a C++ tutor

Hi there, I'm looking for a C++ tutor that understands data structures, ADT, and linked list. There are definitely more topics that I wish to be tutored in the future but at the moment these three are my main concern.

I have read these topics but am having a hard time grasping and applying them to my project. This means that I need a tutor who is willing to teach me in a lecture based manner.

I am very very tight on money so I can only offer up to $15.00 per hour of tutoring. I'm sorry if I insulted anyone with this request but I'm a full time student and full time employee making minimum wage..

I truly love programming and hope to give back to the community in the future but at the moment, I'm at a plateau.

So please, if there is anyone kind enough to accept this offer or do it for free(had to ask because I'm extremely low on sorry), please do contact me here or on my email:

Thank you.
Hello, I have experience teaching in University Data Structures, contact me:

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