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Senior Full Stack Developer for Digital Music - San Francisco, CA

Job Description

Our Client's Digital Music Division is looking for talented full-stack software developers to join in revolutionizing the digital music customer experience. They develop the Mobile MP3 store available on multiple mobile platforms and the online cloud player.

You will be responsible for selling digital music to millions of customers worldwide
You will rely on and develop on a highly scalable distributed system.
You will be integrating with their world-class service-oriented infrastructure
You will collaborate with other talented software engineers within the digital music division
You will introduce new technologies, techniques and ideas that will immediately be proven in the world's largest consumer marketplace

Basic Qualifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related field or relevant work experience
Experience developing with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and general Web 2.0 techniques
Experience in server-side development using Java or C++
Experience developing AJAX interfaces with AJAX libraries and frameworks such as YUI, Dojo, JQuery, Prototype, or MooTools
Knowledge of usability principles, cross-browser compatibility, ensuring web security (XSRF, cross-site scripting), accessibility best practices and HTML document architecture

Preferred Qualifications:

Master's Degree in Computer Science.
Experience developing web applications using Perl, Java, Python or PHP
Passion for creating efficient, scalable, highly usable web interfaces

Interested candidates should contact Ms. Kim Wathey directly at Kim.Wathey@andiamopartners.com, or www.linkedin.com/in/kimwathey/
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