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c ++ Programmer(s) Required London

A C++ Programmer is required to establish where our company’s newly acquired software programme is in terms of % completion, architecture and design. To also help establish what resources will be required to finish it. To start programming and potentially hire a team of programmers, to finish, make user friendly and take this to completion and to ensure it is completely tested and robust.
hi, do you sponsor visa for people outside EU?
Hi, do you sponsor visa for people *from* EU?
sweating..........so, which country are you from, upper floor guy..........
:D the idea of the post was to be part funny (by repeating your question) part true (i really am looking for a job)...People from some EU countries still need work permits to work in uk, germany, denmark, etc. If you're not from EU .... good luck finding a job. We're out of jobs too.
The job could be done remotely but ideally in UK and London
David, go to options and turn on your mail; it's turned off by default. And mail me.
upper floor guy, i'm not out of job............i'm working in china.......

i just seek a chance to earn more salary............

so sorry to tell you that..........haha........... >:D
...good luck finding a job ***in EU*** that's what i ment :) which is not really an easy task.
Anyway, good luck to you.
hey me c++ developer

Based on my experience, it will very possible make nearly the same money in UK as in China. Do some number crunching before you head in here. high living cost , weak currency, being lonely, boring life and high tax. I would say 70K Pound hardly competes 400K RMB.

In London, few people can make 70+k per year income as a C++ programmer, while you could make 300K or 400K RMB in a year in shanghai or beijing by leading a small team or acting as senior engineer etc.

To me, working in London doesn't make me richer, but I hope it will decorate my CV when I'm going back to China. Places where you can really make money are Hongkong, China, Singapore etc.
I don't know if that helps. BTW, I'm working in London in a top finance institution. But I'm frustrated with current status. i'm very willing to swap the position with you if I could.
you got any use for intermediate beginners?
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