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need a basic application that can run as a service ASAP

I need a basic application in c++ using visual studios that can run as a service and another program to communicate with it. The second program can be a console application that just sends messages to the service application and the service just echoes the messages back to the program.
so the output of the second program will look something like this:
Please input your message: hello
Response from service: hello

I am offering $10 (maybe more) for this job. Please message me if you are interested.
This needs to be done asap
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well , It is easy of course. I will help PM me. Thanks

I have a lot of experience with these type of things Look into my posts if you like. I really hope this is not a Malware you are programming considering many famous Malwares run as a service.
job is still open. can someone please help with this?
may i have a look?
@acChenchen yes. what details do you need to know?
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