Hi, i have been programming in python and pygame for almost 3 weeks now. But i dont really like it. I want to be a gameprogrammer and i know c++ is must then and i have heard that people don't recommend c++ as the first programming language to learn but i really like c++ even if its hard. But i know the basics of python and a little c++. So do you think i could go back to c++ and learn it and become really good at it even if i dont know much in another programming language? I would start out with basic 2d games when i have learned enough to make them and move on from there. And for now i have alot of time i can spend learning it. So do you recommend i do so or learn another programming language first?
I just jumped into c++, then once I got the basics I looked at others and now im back on the c++, I hardly used python at all, im still a beginner 6 months on but I have had all sorts of different kinds of fun, its not a smooth ride and being stuck is still learning, my point is do whatever, go with the flow you will pick it up with practice and maybe enjoy learning anything.
TBH if you REALLY REALLY want to get in to game development then the best way to do so is by starting to make mods for existing games.

Some of the most popular current games started life as mods, the mod teams were then hired by the official companies to build better versions of them (e.g Counter Strike and Team Fortress).

If you want to start making your own game, then download an existing Open source or free 3D engine and start using that (e.g Unity3D or Ogre3D). If you want to do 2D then you can look at Torque (Torque also has 3D engine).

To learn basics of C++: http://www.learncpp.com/
I've heard tell that you shouldn't start with C++, I started with java, and learned a bit of it, then a friend told me "no, no, no, start with C++." so I started on C++ and 6 months later I picked up a 2D engine Allegro and I've been creating small 2D games for about 2 months now, I'm still pretty much a beginner also, but I've basically been on the same path you laid out there, I learned C++, learned a 2D graphics engine, and when I get comfortable doing that I plan on learning a 3D engine and going from there. So since you have some programming experience, I would say if you want to do C++, just do it
I really just jumped into C++ as my first programming language. I learned Ruby a bit before, but never really used it.

I learned C++ for about 5-6 months before I started to program games. I'm a fast learner, though.
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If you are willing to put in the time (It will take years to learn to program) and effort to learn a language it really doesn't matter what language you learn first in my opinion. I will acknowledge that C++ is a bit more complicated then other languages like Java or C# but by not by much in my opinion.

Syntax is easy to learn its learning to think logically, design patterns, and transfer your ideas into something to computer can understand that is hard to do.

So if you want to learn C++ go for it all that matters is having the determination to stick with learning it.
Oh, and take some online Graphics Classes!
Ok, Thanks for the answer everybody. I will learn c++.
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