Is C++ right for me?

Hello everyone, This is my first post to this website and I have just one question. Is C++ for me? Im completely new to programming and ive pretty much chosen C++ as my first language.

I understand a lot of things in C++ from output/input and variables all the way to functions and recursion. I understand how recursion works, a function recalls it self and it puts in a loop... I think? Oh well im probably wrong about that but. In my book theres a lot of examples and algorithims the author gives me and when i look at the algorithims he uses to solve such basic math(in this case Greatest Common Factor) i become very lost and have little to no idea how it works. Will my ecperience always be like this or is this just a newbie thing? Is C++ or ultimately computer programming for me?

Thanks, Irishfitz
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C++ is one of the hardest languages for complete beginners.

It will take you a lot of time to learn its basics, then some more time to perfect your programming skills (which don't have as much to do with a particular language, as they do with the programming paradigm the given language embraces) and finally, lots and lots of time to actually master C++, with all its pitfalls and quirks and design flaws.

We're here to help you. This site also has a Reference section.

Here are some sites you may want to bookmark:

That said: nobody can stop you from learning more than one language, besides C++. There are a number of newer languages influenced by C++ and which aim to improve certain bits of it: C#, Java, D. (The very last is my personal favorite but it has yet to enjoy widespread use.)

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- For beginners, i hear that java, python, and other languages are easier to get started with than C++.

- However, after looking at algorithms a lot and getting used to that kind of thinking, i would imagine that most of them will make more sense and you will understand them easier.
Ok, i started with C, and did not understand stuff there, but i was still making monor programmes. A year later, i started C++, using this website's tut. I was very easy for me! Mann that's me...
Anyway, I'd say if you are determined, read carefully to understand, ask questions anywhere, anytime, it would be as easy as 1+x=0;

Thanks guys, Ill just stick to it because I love programming, its very exciting and fascinating, the amount of power it holds is incredible thanks.
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