Would SSD works on this?

I have an old laptop HP TX2000 which was given to me by my brother. A buggy laptop with a buggy vista and yet somehow I like it after all the years spending time with it. Now, can I change the hard disk to SSD? Tried to google about the specs but can seem to find the information needed. Or is there a way to find out?

-- will soon go to the computer shop to dig some info, but before that I need some basic info so I wont pay too much later.

-- according to the tech at the shops it can be done, for now I'll just change the OS and replace the HDD with a new one. Will change to SSD when it is cheaper.
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I doubt it'll be able to. I remember having to flash the bios on my friends mobo to get a ssd to work with it, and that mobo was only just older than when SSDs became common place. I think yours is probably too old, but don't stop researching on my account .I could be wrong :P
Hmm, I will go around asking the computers shop if it can be done. If not I just buy the SSD for my desktop. Thx.
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