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it isn't a troll
That's what a troll would say -_-
How would you like it if I just randomly started accusing you of being a troll?
I joke, I joke.
It's not random. Based on a majority of the stuff you post you do appear to be a troll, at a glance anyways.
It's funny how I'm seriously not even trolling, you guys are taking it a messed up way.
Have you seriously not picked up on the fact that this may not be the place for your brand of "jokes"?
yeah were all old farts they need to be cynical and 'anti youth',
but seriously give it a little touch of a rest;
I like a thread to progress, lots of short comments are kind of tiring to keep up with.

You know a chat program of some kind built into c++.com would be practical and original for a coding forum, someone could could walk me through installing sfml, something could be discussed in real time, a more complex problem could be tweaked many times in a short space of time, that could be added to the wish list, It would be really useful and serve as a lot more than a cool gimmick, dream in code and stack overflow didnt think about using it either!

could we get SGH to make it for us?
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Devon I would be willing to walk you through getting SFML set up and fixing any issues you might be having, just send me a PM or reply here with a time your available to get into a chat room and I can walk you through it.
why don't we just team up to program a cross-platform chat program? I mean- we are all programmers...
I have time tommorow, i must put off drinking and install sfml, i will be very greatfull for your help

(sfml sounds like something you say when your drunk :D)
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I'll be online from 8 am to 4 pm central time (US) on the IRC channel I posted on the previous page of this thread. So just jump in there and I can walk you through installing it.
obj\Debug\sfmltest.o||No such file or directory|
||=== Build finished: 1 errors, 0 warnings (0 minutes, 0 seconds) ===|

i find you on that channel now with this error message and a sad face that looks like this

give me a green circle or give me death
i see what you did there.
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Lol I have been reading up on your problem and it looks like re installing the MinGW compiler might solve the problem (Since it replaces the .dll file that is giving you trouble).

So I will help you out with that when I get home from work if you are still on.
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cool thank you :)
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Sorry devon won't be able to make it on tonight work is making me do a douvle shift. Lets plan on meeting in the IRC channel tommrow at like 6 PM central time
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