Online resources for learning JAVA

This website has helped me learn C++ well, so also has the website "".

I wanted to know if there are any such online resources for studying JAVA from scratch or any wonderful websites for learning JAVA suited to beginners?

All help will be appreciated. -- nice and friendly -- from the horse's mouth -- if you want to get serious

(the Stanford CS106A is introductory in the university (US school?) sense.)

And this site might also be of interest:

Cafe au Lait Java News and Resources

In particular, to start with:

The FAQ List

Brewing Java: A Tutorial


From the first four hits googling "best web site to learn java"

Top 20 Java Websites

Not so much about tutorials?

I want to learn JAVA.Which is the best website to learn JAVA.?


Best Websites to learn Java?

The Java Tutorials
I agreed. Best place to kick-off in Java.

Stanford CS106A: Programming Methodology
(a more serious course, teaching programming using Java)

5 Best websites to learn java programming easily from fundamentals

Includes: (again) (again)
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andywestken wrote:
from the horse's mouth
My Java 7 OCA/OCP study book had some pretty obvious mistakes in it. I would lean more toward community-written content.
Thanks a lot. That list was just too good.

Appreciate the help. :)
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