I always wondered how Scientific Calculators like Casio Work. Do they follow any specific Algorithm. How do they do it? If anyone knows the answer please post the algorithm

How they do what?
Well AFAIK they use a technique called CORDIC to work out trigonometric functions and logs. Other than that they would probably use normal computer arithmetic to calculate everything else.
We use TI-89 calculators, and they have an expression data type (for exact calculations resulting in expressions or complex numbers) and a normal numeric type used for real/imaginary parts.
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If you have access to a copy of Stroustrup's The C++ Programming Language 3rd edition (I dont know about the latest editions) he works through the implementation of a calculator using C++. From what i remember it is designed in a similar way to a compiler - there are tokens representing various expressions that are passed to a module that processes the input.

Anyway that book actually shows how to implement a calculator from scratch.
Why don't you look at your calc's manual i looked at mine and found it used newton's method to solve polynomials with powers >3 and some xxxxxx* 's method for integration and yyyyyy** 's technique for zzzzz***.

*I don't remember
**I don't remember
***I don't remember
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