Planning to update my C++11 article

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Thanks MiNiiPaa for the replies, and the link.

So let's see...

1) Lambda functions.

I'm unsure about this topic. Seems too advanced, and also I'd prefer covering it in depth in my own article rather than giving a link and say "read this". Again, it seems too advanced.

2) nullptr.

I'll mention this as a better alternative to NULL.

3) Tuples.

For this topic I need more help, and more code illustrating how they're useful. Otherwise they fall under the same category as lambdas: a complex new feature useful for experts and less so for beginners, which may not belong in this article.

4) New integer types.

I assume you mean the things from cstdint, no? I'll mention them.

5) static_assert().

Hmm. Do beginners need this?

6) Smart pointers.

Absolutely. I'm a great fan of them.

7) std::begin() and std::end()

I'll suggest them as preferred to using the similar member functions...

Thoughts on the above incomplete list?
Lambda functions.
You may use it in the middle of another feature explanation and write something like "That <> was a lambda function. It is anonymous function you can define anywhere and use where function is expected. To know more about lambdas visit my (future) article"

Move them in in-depth article like lambdas if you think so. You migth use one of the tuples feature and link to other article (like lambdas)

std::begin() and std::end()
Really shines in template metaprogramming. "Beginner introducion to templates"?
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I(Lambdas) 'm unsure about this topic. Seems too advanced
Writing an article about it should provide the motivation to learn about it in detail.
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