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Games modding, can i mod the logic for any game? what do i need to know?

I have always wanted an anti social gritty version of the sims, maybe set in glasgow, they have smack addictions and violent personality disorders, it never occured to me that I could make this dream a reality, how hard is it guys? what do i have to study?

Will I have to study a graphics engine or can it be done with logic? whats the path for a beginner to pro modder?

can you think of any other bastardizations of sweet innocent games? I live to corrupt.
I know nothing about it, but googling "modding for sims" yields lots of promising results.
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they have smack addictions and violent personality disorders

Pretty sure The Sims already has this...
i mean modding generally, how does one get into it?
You would need to have some form of accessibility and knowledge of the game library/engine since, when scripting game logic, you would most likely need to access libraries that include the AI, physics, graphics and audio utilities.

It is good to have knowledge of a light weight, high level language (like lua or squirrel), since they are generally suited to modding. (You do not need to recompile every time you make a change, usually more productive ect.)

Some video games distribute mod tools while others are very restrictive which depending on the programming language used, can result in the use of a decompiler, which is risky.
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I've never looked into modding the Sims, so I'm not sure about that game, however, for most games, you need to get whatever toolkit or SDK they provide you. Or some source files left in the game folder for you to edit.

For example, I've done some adjustments for the stalker games, when I did so, all I did was manipulate a bunch of the files with notepad++. The variables were very easily accessible. For Half-Life however I made complete levels using the Hammer Editor and 3dstudio max.

Many games however you just cannot mod without reverse engineering the program files. But that's also breaking the "EULA" for most of them

You can check out this to get a better idea.

devonrevenge wrote:
i mean modding generally, how does one get into it?

Just do it, Google: "<insert game name> modding sdk", download whatever you need, read whatever documentation and do it.
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Well some people modify SA to go online and stuff with PAWN (A modified version of C++). Never got around to learning it however.
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