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Hey, guys. So I've been programming with C++ for about 3 months now, and just recently been learning how to use PDCurses. Anyways I was wondering if there was anybody(a noob like me, lol) who would like to partner up and make an ASCII adventure game.

This would be my first time working with anybody on a project(and hopefully yours too, so I don't feel like so much of a noob xD). I was thinking we could use the PDCurses library, but of course I'd be willing to work with another if that's easier for you(I'm using Windows). I'd like to start off making some sort of a simple ASCII game, because I still can't code very well, and like I said I've never worked in a group. Maybe we could begin making games with graphics once we get the hang of programming simpler games.

We could communicate through Skype messages or email, either one is fine with me. Thanks.

You can email me at -
or send me a PM
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I am not exactly new, but MAYBE I would make a game with you.
Well if you would like it to be Windows only, you could go a little farther...

Make a graphical game, like Chip's Challenge (Google it), using GDI.
It's NOT HARD, and you can make some pretty cool games
(I even made an awesome platform game once) with GDI.

Not only is GDI simple, but if you make a game with it, it'll work on even old Windows systems, new Windows phones, and tablets (with only mouse functionality).

I would open source some stuff for you, if you would like :)
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Hi and thanks for your reply. Something like Chip's Challenge using GDI would be cool, But probably too complex for me at the moment. I think ASCII is pretty much all I'm capable of , lol.
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The main reason I mentioned GDI is because it doesn't require any external DLLs
(except those already installed on every Windows machine)...

It's also REALLY simple to set up, and everyone knows about it :)

When working with multiple people, try to keep the code REALLY ORGANISED...
No unnecessary bloat, and VERY descriptive variable and function names...
You shouldn't need to comment everything, make sure the code is self-explanatory.

I like to add a little identifier for global variables, and functions...
Maybe global constants will start with "c", (cPlayerNum, cGameDifficulty).

Usually, the compiler will optimize stuff quite a bit,
so the most important part really is readability.

Definitely communicate a lot.
Always explain things to the other members!

When multiple people (with different coding styles) work on the same project...
IT GETS SLOPPY, it's not like when you work alone; you don't know what the code does,
when you read it, you will get confused (unless everyone communicates, or the code is documented)

Though, if you have questions, you could always IM your partner...

Just make sure the code stays clean, and free of redundancies, and readable!
I am willing to guess that you have played Doom, maybe HeXen and Heretic...
If you would, go ahead and find their source on the internet (they are open source)...

They were written in C, and a big group project...
A perfect example of how unorganized group projects can be (especially HeXen)!

These projects take some time to follow (even the simple stuff),
because of the different styles, and the redundancies (though those are minimal).

I admit Doom did a good job removing redundant code, but still, takes a bit to follow!
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Thanks for the advice. Would you be interested in doing something ASCII? Don't know that I'd be able to do graphics just yet.
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I suppose... :)

But if you would like, I could help with the graphics stuff too.
I like SDL a little more than SFML (because I can use it on the Wii, and the DS).

I don't know if you have tried SDL, it works on literally everything (PSP included)!

It's not a bad choice, however, it will not work without it's library,
and it's licence requires your project to have updating functionality (if release to the public)...
So either you need to open source it, dynamic link it to SDL, or...
You could just supply the Object files, so other people can static link it to a newer SDL.

That's why I would (for some simple project) rather use a system specific library (like GDI)...

Though admittedly I (in 4 years programming) never made an ASCII game... Except in batch (LOL)!
I simply wrote some console apps, tried Win32, then used a graphic library (Corona at first, then SDL)...

And if you would like me to participate, we can use email (it's often easier, and faster).

So what kind of game is this that you have in mind?

Platform, Dungeon, RPG, Racer...
Or something classic: Pacman, Pong, Snake, TETRIS!

Top down shooters are not easy in ASCII...

Though, honestly I would encourage graphical programming.
You are new, yes, but it's not hard, and it's great to be ahead of the curve...
Plus, it's just so fun, and once you start, it's hard to stop (I have not made a console anything in months)!

Though, if you would like it to be ASCII, that is great too!
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Cool! ASCII games are fun to make and don't take a great deal of knowledge either. For as long as I can remember I've always wanted to make an adventure/RPG game(with an inventory!, lol). I don't know about you, but I think ASCII graphics look kinda cool, lol.

I was actually looking into SMFL or SDL for when I get this console stuff out of the way.

I'm mainly just trying to get a feel for working with other people on a project.

How do you want to do this? I won't be able to start anything today, but tomorrow or any other day would be great. My email is listed above. Thanks again.
OK, see ya around!
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