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Does anyone fancy writing a good library linking tutorial for windows I will DO anything and make outrageous promises for one

If you want to explain linking libraries and setting up API's for complete newbies in an article here, and let me see it before you post it (i will be perfect for critique)I will eternally be your bitch, I will make ANY promise and keep it so long as its within reason

I needed one months ago and still haven't found a good one, If you do put one together I need to know a bit of background as to why environment variables seem to be part of linking some libraries like boost.

why you need to pop -xlib in link libraries as well as the paths to each part of the library

basic explanation as to what the .dlls are doing.

what common link errors look like.

what building your own library is all about.

I have had so many problems installing libraries, i only followed tutorials because I couldn't suss it out for my self with my patchy knowledge, i only managed to install SDL and opengl out of Boost,c++11(which comes with codeblocks now),winapi,sfml and asio

I wont forget this solid.

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