C++ Monthly Coding Competition

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Hey everyone we just finished up the polling for competition suggestions and now have our competition for the month of July.

The competition will be about creating a creative IRC Bot, if you are interested in participating in the competition head on over here for more details.


Anyone is free to join and we aim to make it a casual and friendly competition. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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Ah damit I already have a IRC bot I made but it is Windows Specific. Else I would have participated.
yeah and i was learning winsock library :/ I have to install sfml but I know thats not going to happen

I guess im going to have to start using ubuntu on my partition, I wonder how far I will get installing sfml there (let alone the IDE)

grr, bloody windows.
Yea, I tried to get a linux partition going, it passed away when my Belkin UBS wireless would not work. Linux hardware support is horrible.

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you knowi couldnt believe how easy it was to download and set up sfml in linux but I cant for the life of me set up any ide to use it XD

the filesystem is really odd, linux is hard, why cant they make a OS which is truly idiot proof
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