Another Debate : Who would win? USA or Great Britain?

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i agree fredbill these things are fun, actually amiricans and british are very close, and love to hate each other, the biggest cultural differences come where we dont trust our governments and look down on people who do, we see people who confuse patriotism with blindly supporting (mainly uber republicanism) their governments as brainwashed.

we are patriotic about our green and pleasant land not our rights and freedoms

I loved showing american visitors around london, i loved picking on them about stupid things too like lego.

we call it lego, lego is the plural, they are little bits of lego and most importamtly you go to lego land not legos land so its lego both in the us and uk GOT IT.

Enjoy the arguments and hate, I think its like sibling rivalry, americans and british who are strangers automaticly have a history together, thats very nice indeed.

as for war it would depend on the kind, the UK couldn't invade america or break its army, the us could invade the uk and scatter its army but hasn't successfuly occupied anywhere( but mainly thanks to UN laws )
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Yes. A small island can be an advantage or a disadvantage.

You could easily block it's ports, surrounding it and besieging it. But also, as a small island you have more concentrated pockets of men. (Can be bad if a city is being bombed though)

Smaller in most cases means easier to surround.

Yea, we also have the common wealth countries. I'm sure Canada wouldn't join up with the British, either the US would capture it first, if not Canada would just stay neutral because it really doesn't have a very good army.

Common wealth wouldn't be that much of a problem.

Since we're talking about allies, if the US was having a problem China would team with the US, as they would want their debt paid.

I don't know what Russia would do.

Basically I'd be a world war again. But I'm certain if the US were to attack the UK, Canada would be captured first and added to the US. The problem is insurgents...

Let's refrain from nukes, as if they were used I don't think the UK would stand a chance honestly.
I was thinking, a lot of the countries america attacks are kind of lucky that it at least isn't going to simply kill everyone like they might do if they nazis, im not saying they should be greatful for being bombed but maybe if they thought "our leaders would be a lot more brutal in their position"...

...what am i saying no one is going to be reasonable about being bombed
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Yes but most of it is wilderness. It's populous is largest on the eastern side.
I reckon america will have another civil war in the distant future
I doubt that.
Read the Islamic history,
See how we were before 20th century, and how are we now because of war.

We are in bad status now, an I don't wish other nations to be like that as well, we will have peace soon, and I want the world to have peace as well.

One more thing:
Why God created so many tribes, countries, nations, male & female is because :
To know each other, to help each other, not to kill each other.

Even if this thread is for fun I hate the word "War".
Please don't bring 'God' into this, one hypothetical situation is more than enough.
Ok, I just got carried away with the topic
I am just supporting the evidence with all the information I got on my head right now.
:-) I'm just being sarcastic
thats very nice yemeni, I live with muslims from pakistan i was invited to some weddings which was nice, its still strange for a white country boy to live with them but takes to to be integrated :D

a lot of people have this idea about muslims in this country, I think its just the ultra conservative guys who are nutters, an would still be nutters if they were christians or even buddists, i think that applies to southern states in america too.

EDIT: but seriously you dont want to go off topic with god, theres a god thread somewhere but this is c++ site, we worship stroustrup.
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Simple English please :D
it says nutters are who gathers nut
XD fruitcake is both equally culinary and appropriate.

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I'm afraid due to my religion I can't worship Stroustrup, but only God. Anyway, I guess I'll have to make a religion thread.
no fredbill no, for the love of spaghetti monster no.
I think he is just being sarcastic lol.
In the 10 day forecast: shitstorm. Please don't start a thread on religion.
Everyone knows Richard Dawkins is God. :-)
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Fred you really aren't doing this for posts..well ok....I would say Britain will win. :P
haha there would be no reason for america and england to go to war, same for china and america. commerce is just too valuable. BUT if they did go to war, america would probably win if it didnt cause a nuclear holocaust, because if its one thing we americans do great, its wasting money on pointless wars :D
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