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Hi everybody... So i have been programming for like 4 years (most of it was just time wasting) and i learnt c/c++, python among others. And i really decided to enter CS field.
I have been searching for online free courses teach you CS like in University but i had no luck, so i want any help in what to read and how CS is sectioned (algorithms, security...). I would also love to know what is your university CS curriculum or what is your study plan if you are studying at college. :)
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i want a organized
it's better to be concepts or basics and i will continue digging
I've been watching course lecture videos from ITunes University. There you can download, for free, full sets of videos of lectures from dozens of courses at MIT, UC Berkeley, Stanford, pretty much all of the top universities.

For example, I have in my collection, from UC Davis: Foundations of Computer and Information Security, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Theory of Computation, from Stanford: Programming Abstractions, Programming Paradigms, Programming Massively Parallel Systems, from MIT: Mathematics for Computer Scientists, Signals and Systems, Digital Signal Processing.

The last two are actual video courses taught by Alan Oppenheim himself. Well, all of the courses are taught by some of the foremost experts in their fields. It's really an amazing resource. If you bought the textbooks to go along with the courses, you could really get almost everything that the students who actually took the courses got out of them.

UC Davis also has an interesting Computer Graphics Course I plan to download next.

Here are a few links to show you what I'm talking about.




MIT and Cal Tech actually have full courses you can download which include additional content besides the videos including notes, problem sets, etc. I started downloading a full Machine Learning course from Cal Tech, but the files were too large and it was taking forever, so I skipped it.

It is a bummer that you need ITunes, but you install it in Windows.

Actually Coursera looks like it could be an even better resource. Thanks Darkestfright.
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thank you darkest fright for giving me something to watch at night for the next few years :D
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