Good programming laptop

Any suggestions on a 'Cheap' programming laptop? I want a laptop, because as most people know when you're young(13) you usually get money from babysitting which is exactly what i'm doing to get money at the moment (40$ every two weeks). so i need something that'll cost maybe 300-400 at most, So i can program whilest im doing that.

Thank you in advance.
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my dell latitude was 200 and i like it. 4 gigs of ram and i5 processor. the hdd is 160 gigs but you can just buy a bigger one so thats no issue
K, thank you sounds great ill check it out
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Well mine was 650 euro Toshiba with 3 gig of ram a intel aton 2.4 ghz dual core 140 gig of space is old i got it like late 2009 and dont use it taht much ...i use my cutsom desktop alot..

well nowadays laptops are cheaper so about $300 to $500 would be great but a $200 one would also work
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