Help me if you can

If you can help me with some errors in a code I made then leave a comment! Thanks!
Oh ya this is in c++
Well, you should first choose the right section.
This is the lounge, it's for the Off-topic things.
If your program is Windows-only, choose Windows Programming.
For Unix or Linux, choose UNIX/Linux Programming.
If you don't have a specific OS, choose General C++ Programming.
If you're in the early years, choose Beginner.

There you make a topic, also you need to show your code.

Putting your code like this:
[code]char c = 'a';[/code]

will show up like this:
char c = 'a';
Making it easier to read for everyone.
There's already a thread about this here:

No need to start up a million different threads. It will only make it harder for you to see the answers when people respond.
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