Is's search engine ill?

Is's search engine poorly at the moment?

I just tried to find a thread I remembered and neither's search nor Google (using found the article I was looking for. Luckily it wasn't too deep in history, so I found it manually.

Googling "andywestken curl_easy_init" finds one post:

An alternative to libcurl?
(from July 2012)

Searching finds the same, single article, but on

But not the thread this post is part of:
Taking information from a webpage
(from July 2013 -- that is, just over a week ago.)

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Yea, I noticed this as well. The search engine isn't as useful as expected.
I just use google and specify C++ in the search parameters which normally finds it quicker.
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Yea thats what i do BHX or i ask the question..
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