I am still learning c++, learned couple of important standard headers such as <iomanip><iosrtream><cstdlib><string><cmath><time>....... and now downloading SMFL, bad idea huh? I still need to learn more about other standard libraries but I jumped to download SFML, how do I stop my self? :D, I could not resists. any ideas? :/
Don't stop. Keep going.
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If you feel you are ready jump right on into SFML it is actually a very good learning experience for learning about graphics, networking, threading, ect.

It is probably one of the most beginner friendly libraries out there for graphics. So as long as you understand the basics of C++ I wouldn't see you having to much trouble with it.

Just remember that learning a library or language is one thing but being able to put it to use is a completely different thing. So get out there and start building programs :)
^ I agree with everything Zereo said, I'd recommend the same.

By the way, you don't need to know every single thing in the standard library, as many programmers don't even used 95% of it.
Thanks all, it seems that I am going to have to change my plan and add SFML to the list.
And I will try to put my simulation game I did last month into graphics, it will motivate me more I guess.

I noticed that I am spending several hours every day in it but I some times find out great functions that I never know about them before.
Sadly I won't get bored lol.
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