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looking for android game app tutorials/books

i would love to make a simple game like doodle jump i.e. the player jumps on platforms and moves up the screen and you tilt the phone left and right to move the player
so i was wondering is there any tutorials or books out there that explain how to make a game like this?

do you have any experience with making games or anything like that?
Search for the app called codea, its good if that is the type of thing you want to do!
@ Paoletti301 no i don't have much experience but i have been following some tutorials and i thought it would be good to make a game like that

@Filiprei that app is for ipad. I am looking for android apps
What I would personally do is make a game like that using keyboard controls for the computer. then after you do that, youll have the basic structure for making it for android.

as for tutorials for android, ive havent found anything that great, or that i would recommend :/

this might be helpfull though
thanks for the link.
found plenty of tutorials for shooter or run and jump type games, but nothing about using tilt in the phone
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http://www.javacodegeeks.com/2011/06/android-game-development-tutorials.html looks good.

I have been doing some android programming myself.

I have been using http://developer.android.com/develop/index.html, although Paoletti301 already mentioned it.
but nothing about using tilt in the phone

its under motions and sensors.

just remember that the tilt is just another form of input to your program, if you can make the game with buttons, changing it to tilt will not provide a great challenge once you know how to access the data from the accelerometer.
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