So, my moped was stolen this morning

It was chained to a concrete support pillar and everything. It's also my only means of transportation and without it I will be incapable of being available to work the kind of hours I need to be able to work to afford going to school. School starts in 2 weeks. And I'm kinda freaking out. I live in the meth capital of the world (and apparently within 15 miles of where it was supposedly invented). And this kind of stuff is apparently all sorts of common place on the northern end of town. And here I thought I'd be safe being on the part of town where you put your senior citizen centers and preschools.

I don't know why I'm posting this here. Guess I just need to vent.
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File a police report? Insurance?
Police report filed, couldn't afford insurance on it.
Man. That sucks.
Install a GPS in the next one. Then when it happens again (god forbid) you can go on a rampage and find the fucker.
Of course, I can't imagine vigilante justice ending well. Sounds like something I would take into my own hands though.

Hope you see your moped again man.
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if i find it ill let you know
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I had my first laptop stolen out of my car. I had never been so angry in my life... I would seriously rather them just take the car and leave the laptop on the side of the road. Truly the only point in time where I would have considered taking a bat to someones shin. Hope you find your stuff man.
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Call police ....get a GPS stuck under it next time
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