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How do they know my ip while behind a proxy

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Hello there,

Well I just setup a proxy to hide myself, but when i search "my ip" and click first link it know my real ip and the ip im hiding behind
And it's a Anonymous Proxy
pic here


Thanks :D
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First of all what Proxy tool are you using? Some just completely suck but others are quite good. Anyways they are most likely utilizing a JavaScript or maybe even a flash web applet on the website you visited that would go through the proxy(s) directly to the source IP (You can easily disable flash, JavaScript, activeX or whatever). That is probably the most common way to find someones IP hiding behind a proxy.

Remember proxies are some end all tool that will keep you masked from everyone else and not every proxy service is a good one.

Also I wouldn't worry to much about your IP address being public there isn't really that much a person can do with just your IP address unless they are very dedicated to getting into your computer.
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I'm not using any tool I got the proxies from hidemyass....

Yea but if u see the other post on vpn vs proxy ..and see why I wanna hide...like I have some evil ppl who wanna just play and ddos...and I really can't do much than..they got booters and all so that's why....and it's creepy that ppl know she u are and all that....
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They don't really know who you are... if you have DSL, your IP address is dynamic and changes anyways. At best, they can get your name (unless you plaster your information on Facebook... which apparently everyone and their mother does now adays...).
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Thanks,..I was wondering what is the best proxy tool for ubuntu and windows
@ CaptainBlastXD: have you tried Tor?

You get into the Tor network and your data passes (encrypted) through three other users. The site you're visiting gets the IP of the final user. You can choose to be a relay yourself if you want, not just client.


Also, as was already said, disable JavaScript and Flash.
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@catfish yea I have used it but does it work when u are using another tool to do something..like downloading on some other thing like utorrent and using the command prompt or terminal
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