Internet speed

So you know when you get some lag playing a game then go to to see what you're getting? And usually (at my house) i see anywhere from 2mbps down to 20mbps down.

Just moved into my room at Uni..
I have never seen this before:

I'm just like, wut..?
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I want your internet connection.
I want your soul.

Lol Jk, but that's some fast internet.
Georgia Institute of Technology, nice.
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Are you testing your internet connection with a speed test server connected to the same local network your on ?
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That explains so much..

Here's one with a speed test server elsewhere in the state:
Lucky you. We only give 100Mbps links to rooms here.
It's worth noting that bandwidth is only one aspect of a connection. It's important when data flows mostly in one direction at a time (e.g. when you download a file from a server), or when the data streams are independent of one another (e.g. during VoIP, your voice and the other person's can flow regardless of whether the other person is listening).
For applications where the next transmission from A to B depends on the last transmission from B to A (e.g. most games), the latency is more important. Even if your connection to Mars was 1 Tbps, you wouldn't be able to play a game with someone on it because light takes several minutes to make a round trip.
They could play chess...
With a 7 minute + however-long-it-takes-to-find-a-strat wait?

There are two kinds of people.
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i dont know what you guys are talking about. how my internet works is little dns fairies take the packets and travel via internal portals (ip) and then hourly type text piles (http) onto the screen.

*note: i couldnt think of anything better for http :(
DTSCode wrote:
i couldnt think of anything better for http :(
Heh, That's The Problem.
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