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I recently bought a watch and did a 1 day delivery. How do I cancel the 1 day delievery(not order i already recieved my watch) because I think it's gonna charge me after a month. I think that is what it said.

Thank you
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Huh? So you got a watch and chose the 1 day delivery. The watch has already been delivered, but you want to cancel the delivery? Maybe I'm misunderstanding you but that situation makes no sense. Unless this watch is the master of time...
you would return it, look on their website to find out how to do that if possible, if not, well you just bought yourself a watch ( why do you need a watch in the first place? )
I think he is talking about being a Prime Member. He took the offer for a 30 day trial membership, How does he cancel that?

Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership
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@grey wolf

Thanks. Yep I was talking about that but didn't know what it was called.

@ all

Sry I didn't write it well. Totally my fault. I meant the 30 day trial
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