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I have just decided to change my username to retsgorf297. My previous name just kinda sounded boring to me. retsgorf is something I used a long time ago for other things. If you want more where I got that from, spell retsgorf backwards. As for 297, I am not really going to explain that (it's a long story).

I am not trying to copy Fred (just wanted to clear that up).

EDIT: Also, how did you choose your profile name?
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Also, how did you choose your profile name?

I was 12 years old in the kitchen with my brother (18). We were talking about stupid stuff and the conversation ultimately went to what we were going to name our kids.

But it was a comical conversation so we were throwing out "crazier" names... none of which I can really remember.

Eventually I ran out of ideas and started naming things in the room (I was 12, shoot me). One of the things I spouted out was "dish", which my brother and I agreed actually sounded like a cool name. But to prevent it from being stupid, the spelling would have to be tweaked slightly, hence the added 'c' to make "Disch".

It stuck. I never had kids, but when I got onto the internet some years later and established an online persona, 'Disch' was invariably the handle I used.

Some years later, I was living in Berkeley with my sister. I was unemployed and she was a student, so we were very poor. We did a lot of shopping at thrift stores and the like. She picked up a belt with the letter 'C' on it, presumably because it was cheap. We found this comical because no version of her names began with the letter C. She joked that "the 'C' is for 'cool'" whenever anyone asked her about it.

I later applied that as a gag as to why Disch is spelled with a c (the added C is for 'cool'). Which isn't actually far from the truth, as the C was added originally to make the name cooler.

It wasn't until later that I discovered "Disch" is actually a real surname. Though that didn't in any way dissuade my usage of it.
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Heh, I didn't know the forum supported changing usernames. On your profile it says "Old user name:", that's cool. Maybe when I have time to ask I can get my username changed from "L B" to "LB" - the space is because there is a three character minimum (no idea why so many forums impose this limitation).
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@L B You can go to Account->Account Settings->Rename to change it.

Edit: You can only change it every 90 days.
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Heh, that's neat - I guess that's new. But I still can't do it myself because of the 3 character minimum ;p
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Could you do 'LB ' instead?
No, it trims spaces. I don't want to do any crazy stuff like that lol, not even going to bother with a zero-width joiner - it'd be annoying to log in.
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What about "LB!!!" ?

It'd be like the extreme version.
Or -LB-
I don't think special characters are allowed
Mine comes from "username" with "user" replaced by my first name. Not too abstract.

[edit] Come to think of it, it was either the above, or something asked for my first name and surname so I put "Name" for my surname. I don't remember which.
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I remember you before mentioning something about your surname months ago.
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I choice mine when captain poped up, becuz I used to watch captainsparklez and than I forgot where blast came but XD was just :D
I was sitting in a room with some friends and I was all cold and none of them were. They're all on the bigger side, so after I said I was cold, one friend said "well that's just because you're a twig, so from now on I'm gonna call you twiggy." Later I joined a band and the guitar player was updating the website and he figured I needed a last name for my stage name and the only thing that kept popping in his head was Ziggy Stardust, and I have a lot of star tattoos so he gave me the last name Stardust for my stage name and it became Twiggy Stardust.
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Mine is a portmanteau of seraphy and cherubim.
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