Looking For D&D Group Through Skype

Im 13 and i want to find some people to play D&D with me through skype. Im new to it and have never played a proper game before.
IMO, DnD is a game best played in person. Find some friends would be interested and just play. Or find a store in the area that offers DnD clubs. Pretty much any comic/board game/card game store will have them
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I can't get friends to play video games with me because its too nerdy. I would be dumb struck to find someone to play D&D with me in real life.
Video games nerdy? This isn't the 1990s anymore. DnD, ok yeah that would probably be considered nerdy, but who cares? It's fun.
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If you are looking for online D&D you might be interested in something like this http://roll20.net/ . Probably the best you will find out there but in my opinion still doesn't compare to sitting around a table some weekend with a bunch of friends playing D&D.
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