Network Monitoring

Previously I have manage to solve a task a from the boss (network monitoring) by using WireShark.

Now I decided to go a bit deeper by creating a network monitoring using C++. My aim is to monitor the bandwidth per IP address in the network.

Is there any library that I could use to make the task simpler?

Owh, is you did something similar and you are feeling kind, please do share some codes.

Wireshark will tell you transfer rates.

Wireshark uses tcpdump to do the actual capture. You can interface to it using libpcap (or winpcap on Windows), should wish to do some of the higher level stuff yourself.
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We use Zenoss ( for network monitoring. You can easily create graphs that will show you data for really anything. We monitor bandwidth utilization on all servers, network equipment, wireless, and all bandwidth entering and leaving the campus. Super simple to set up.
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