I made my own electro-mechanical robot! What do you think?! :D

Here is the link to the YouTube page!

It was made entirely by myself, and I've been working on it over two years - and now it's done!


PS: The video only shows SOME of the things it can do. ;D
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I always hated my parents for not buying me hardware to study this stuff. Now that I'm older though, I can't afford it *facepalm*.

Pretty cool. :D
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Good job! I have always wanted to make something like that.
Very nice Andy

did you use an arduino?
Is that a Pi powering it?
I used to be into robotics as well and this one is moving a little funny, like it's an RC car or something but I worked more with discrete electronics then micro-controllers like this one has so I wasn't able to do any visual processing like this one appears to be doing with the webcam.

The hardware is undoubtedly cool though, I'm glad you didn't cover it all up with an enclosure and you let us see the guts hanging out like that. Thanks for the video!
Thanks everyone!

It's never too late to learn this stuff. Glad you all liked it!

Please post any projects you have made, software or otherwise ... let's at least try and make this post useful other than just my news. :)

- Andy
Is that a Pi powering it?
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Right, that makes sense. [edit] I didn't think to look at the URLs.
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@chrisname I was wondering how there was only 1 post by his name, but he had posted 2 times on here.
Me too, but I thought they both had the exact same name, but if you look at the URLs of the two profiles they're actually different accounts, one of them just has two spaces in between the two names while the other has only one. I thought there was sorcery afoot.
Sorry, LOL, I had to create another account because I forgot my other login, stupidly.

So what's up?

Is that a Pi powering it?

Yes, it is.

Who else here has made robots?
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