Xperia Z or Galaxy S4

I am planning to buy a new phone. Which one would you prefer and why?
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iPhone 5S....because, lol.
I dont like apple it is not for me
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I like the S4.
I got the Droid Mini. Been great so far. Awesome battery life. I like the size of it, it's bigger than my iPhone 4 (I think it's bigger than the 5 also), but not too big. About as big as I'd go probably. Can't stand having a big phone, and I'm not a small guy either.
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Fu** apple.. I love android get S4

I own a ipad 4th and iphone 4 and my dad owns an iphone 5 and they are all shit..

U will be locked in if u get iphone
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I got the S3 and love it and going to upgrade to the S4 when my contract is up.
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@CaptainBlastXD It isn't that bad.

@Zereo Yeah, the S3 is good too, if u don't want to pay for the S4.
S3 is good until the sudden death syndrome hits (saw it happen in front of me with my friend's S3)
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@Cubbi What's the "sudden death syndrome"?
retsgorf297 wrote:
...What's the "sudden death syndrome"?

The S3 shuts down and will not start up again. In the first six months, my partner had the motherboard of her S3 replaced twice due to sudden death.
I haven't had any major problems with my S3 but I doubt I will be sticking with Samsung in the future.

As for Android the best I can say at the moment is 'it's okay', it depends on how it is dressed up and who is dressing it up.

My faith in Google living up to 'Don't be evil' keeps getting knocked, I'm on a bit of a downer with Google at the moment.
Why the downer with Google?
Mats wrote:
Why the downer with Google?

Lots of little thing over the years that lead me to not trust them and they are getting everywhere (which is a problem when you don't trust them).
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Examples? I'm curious. In my experience, Google is at least the lesser of all evils.
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Google Fiber is probably the best thing happening right now, in my area I'm paying like $70/month just for 20/1 mbps, Google is offering that for free with a one time $300 setup fee.
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Sorry, not today. It's not worth the aggro.
isnt there anyone who likes xperia z :D everyone says buy s4. What is the advantage of s4?

Edit: Btw thanks for replies
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