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Since this site doesn't support image uploading, what is a site that I can upload my print screens where anyone can view it?

Thank you!
well, photobucket has been around for years, just google image uploading site and i'm sure you'll find like 500
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@twiggystardust I knew about photobucket, I was just wondering if anyone knew of a better one, but I guess this one is good enough.

Thank you!
do you have qualms with photobucket? just kinda curious why you're looking for a "better one"
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Thank me later.
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for long source files: pastebin
for photos: whatever comes to find. imgur, prntscr, mediafire (does that count)
when i google something for someone: lmgtfy
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@DTSCode Yeah, I love Imgtfy. I do use pastebin too. I have gone ahead with photobucket.
i use fairly often
I like fpaste for pastes. imgur for images usually
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