New User!!!

Hello all,
I just registered as when I google some question it usually is on this website and now I can also ask questions.

Please tell me if this is in the wrong side of the forum.


Skype: flashyprogrammer
Anyone else on Skype?
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Wow, This is the third "new user/hello everyone" thread in a week!

EDIT: Welcome to the forum!
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Hi I am also new. I have the new user post too. Welcome to the form!
Hello, welcome. I'm new as well!
Hi all
well this site is gettin new users cuz its pretty famous.
and thanks for the welcome
i presume i have psted in the right place :D
Yea you have, just read the first post of every section and you will soon know more than enough in order to never have problems like that.
I registered not too long ago on the forums as well. Since I've registered, I realize that my overall knowledge of c++ has went waaaay up. In the past programming classes I have taken, I usually finished with C's or D's. In recent classes, I have finished with A's and B's. Registering to the forums was the best decision I ever made, lol.
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This is the third "new user/hello everyone" thread in a week!

It's September. People are googling C++ things for their first course assignments about this time. Makes perfect sense for there to be more people coming here.
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@darkestfright Yeah, I never thought about that.
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Hi! and welcome :)

I've been registered for a couple of months, don't post much though. I do have skype it is:


Would be cool to code together :)

Have fun, keep learning.
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