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EssGeEich wrote:
We're talking about AAA games for PC

Steam has everything form indie to AAA. That said, I have tons of AAA games for my PC and none autodetect the resolution upon start up. Most of the new ones I have just start at a set Res and then you have to go in and change it manually or it asks for a res before it even starts. Also, like I said, unless they changed it in recent years, the way monitors and TVs are done, the pixels are done different.

I played a PS3 on my tv (27" Insignia LCD tv) and tried it on my PC for a few days and the colors were brighter on the PC monitor, the outer inch or two was cut off as I had to go in and resize the game screen. Could have left it but my health was offscreen in Borderlands.

Just hooked up my PC to my TV for a minute and tried Guild Wars, COD, Final Fantasy, Sims 1 and 3, Unreal Tournament 3, and Steam. All of them just scaled the res to the screen to where I had to try different res to find one to draw more to the screen.

This is a quote I found from just last year from a tech site when a guy asked what the difference was between TV and Monitor:

TVs atm are capped at 1080p (99% of them anyways), while most monitors 30+ have higher than 1080p resolutions. SO yes you can buy a 46in TV for much less than 46 inch monitor (do 46 monitor even exist?) but the resolution compared to size will be crap. Also most TVs in the sub $1.5k range are TN panels while msot $500+ monitors are IPS based, which will give you a significantly better picture. And lastly most TVs lack the quick refresh rate of modern non crap monitors.

You can buy a good 25inch 1080p TN based monitor for under $200 which will be good for msot games. Good luck finding a sub 32inch TV thats 1080p, they are all 720p.

Now I am not saying that playing a big screen TV is a bad thing, some ppl do like the whole "playing from your couch" experience, and of course movies are great. But smaller, higher res monitors will look much better, just for the pixel density/size if nothing else.
Still, you can use your PC monitor.
TechCrunch wrote:

When it comes to gaming, SteamOS will work particularly well for audio performances and reducing input latency. Yet, only Linux games will work on SteamOS. While many games are now available on Linux, it still has a long way to go compared to Mac OS and especially Windows. That’s why you will be able to run Steam on your Windows or Mac computers in another room and then stream your games to your living room using SteamOS. Latency shouldn’t be an issue, as everything happens on your local network.1

Full quote from earlier. I have problems with that because first thing in my head is, what are they planning to do to make SteamOS stream the windows/mac games through the SteamOS when you can't really get Steam to play windows games in linux?

As for Battlefield Bad Company 2 on PC and then play one of the consoles. PC you can actually see what you are doing without touching your monitor. I have yet to see a console player not say they had to crank up or down one of their settings to even see the game.

My problem is that one story makes it sound like it will be a OS you download and install on your computer hardware and hook the PC to your TV. Yet another article like the one linked to below makes it sound like they are trying to make a device you buy with the OS installed on it. The latter sounds pointless, and the first one is why I said it is pointless. If you have to supply your own computer to put the OS on, then you would just be better off sticking with your current set up.

Steam OS will be the software on the steambox, something expected to come out sometime next year. I think the biggest thing SteamOS could potentially bring to gaming is some serious incentive for PC game devs. Look at the direction that windows is going, and how upset a lot of developers are over it. Assuming this generation caries on like the last one did, I think it'll be the overall winner IF it gains favor in game studios early on.
Oh, I think it will take off under the right circumstances. A lot of Windows developers have said they prefer linux, but only develop for Windows because of it being the largest base to develop for. While I don't fully understand it, I kind of hope it does take off as I do think, like others, that Microsoft needs a wake up call as they have been too comfortable at the top for far too long.
BHXSpecter wrote:
Microsoft needs a wake up call as they have been too comfortable at the top for far too long.

I didn't agree with the SteamOS discussion we previously had.
But +1 for the quoted text.
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Thanks. I know I sound like I'm passing judgement on SteamOS, but I'm not. The discussion we were having was me mostly stating my fears about the negatives that could cause it to fail. In all honesty I would love for SteamOS to take off and level the field once and for all. When SteamOS launches (next year is it?) I hope to find my motivation and drive again to program and make games. I would love to try and make some games and put them on Steam. We will have to wait and see how it goes.
Yup, next year.
Perhaps to put a game on Steam you have to pay a €100 (or $100?) fee.
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I don't think Microsoft needs a wake up call. That just calls for more false propaganda on DirectX and other crap that sheeples sop up like a sponge.

I don't mind Apple as much as Microsoft because Apple isn't so monopolistic but reminds me of how recent iPhone 5S sales broke yet another sales record... by just adding a thumb scanner as its main additional feature.

I think the same can apply to a Valve product if implemented correctly. And for once, it's something I can tag along with and keep my morals in check.
Yeah, it is a one time fee of $100 to become part of greenlight

Sadly, I can't afford even to pay $100. Stupid debts from college and hospital stays due to figuring out what my sleep apnea was has me in debt to the tune of almost $200, 000 and I can barely pay the interest to keep them off my back for student loans. I'll just have to add that to my wishlist for a later date :).
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