trying to record a message but cant

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i have a voice mail from a friend that i would like to save it to my friend. i cant figure out how to do it though. ive tried youmail, and it works, but only for voice mails left after i did it. could someone help me? i am using at&t and have an android lg escape
Just a though, but couldn't you plug an auxiliary cable into your phones speaker port and then into your computers microphone port? When the voice mail plays your phone would send the audio through the cable where your computer could record it. Once you have the audio file you can do whatever you want with it.
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thats a good idea. not quite what i was thinking, but ill give it a shot
Depends on the phone, but I know some voicemails are stored on the phone (with Visual VoiceMail I think?). If so, just plug the phone in to your computer and grab the file off.
I'm a little surprised the voice mail app doesn't have a share feature.
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