Projects Help

Hey all, I have been given the task to design and make a piece of software. We have been told to make certain design documents. What I want to know is what to put into each document. I have a few ideas, I just want to know if I need more.

1) Project Specification
Project goals, specifications of program functions, UI specifications, data storage specifications, hardware requirements, data conversion requirements (what is this?).
2) Design Document
Image of each GUI and info on it, a flow diagram, showing how a user navigates to each GUI, Objects your program is going to use and descriptions of them (class outlines), description of other "layers" (eg. database layer).
3) Technical Document
List of external libraries, main algorithms used, "advanced techniques" used, entire source code, with descriptions
4) Testing Document
Check that all functionality laid out in docs 1 and 2 are satisfied, also provides a sample test.

Is there anything I am missing?
All help is greatly appreciated.
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