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It's now "disrespectful" to say "bump". If I said, "I love cheeseburgers" each time, then, that would be respectful and not annoying?

Does that logic makes sense to you? I can't speak for Lachlan but what I believe he was saying is that posting something that contributes nothing to the conversation gets annoying and is disrespectful. So yes that includes "Bump" and "I love cheeseburgers" (If the conversation isn't about what you like).

It contributes nothing to the conversation and also hides posts that actually contribute something to the conversation.

Look at it this way. If everyone just bumped every thread whenever they wanted there would be so many old threads that no one wants to contribute too except for a single person on the front page that all the new threads that people might actually want to contribute to would be drowned out and hidden.

Or another example lets say we all just posted random stuff like "I love cheeseburgers" in threads all the time. People that are reading that thread would have to browse through pages of unless posts like "I like cheeseburgers" to follow the conversation or find something useful.

It gets very annoying very quickly when you have to browse through random junk just to find a relevant post.

This is just common forum etiquette that has been around ever since forums have existed basically.

Another thing to consider is if you were having a conversation with your friends in real life would you constantly keep bring up the same old conversation over and over when no one wants to talk about it? Or would just say random stuff that has nothing to do with the conversation? You might every once in awhile. But if you kept on doing it do you think it would get annoying to everyone else?
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No, because that would not be contributing to the discussion in any way; saying "I love cheeseburgers" out of context adds just as much to the conversation as saying "bump".

Edit: Zereo beat me to it.
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I know.... But, I did it twice. It's really not this big of a deal. It's not worth 3 pages of argument.

Also, it did create discussion, over 2 page's worth. :P

I'm not arguing about this anymore.
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On average how many people are on a day?
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4 - 5 people maybe more
This is an awesome group! Thanks. :D
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How do I join?
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Invite me in skype, mantasxxl3
I can also add you if Mantas is off:
skype: "macocio"

Altho there are 28 members now. I wonder if we should perhaps slow down a bit and get to know people now, Mantis?
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He is already added.
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