Automated minecraft server transfer

Everyone's probably gonna hate me for posting this but I imagine it'd be an amazing feat if it could be managed, however I know it'll be miles beyond my capabilities.

I own (rent) a dedicated minecraft server from Shard Gaming (previously hosted under Daddy Cheese) and I am always switching between modpacks/vanilla/bukkit and it just takes forever to backup all my files to my PC, and then upload the new server I'm putting up.

I wondered if it'd be possible to create a java program that backs up the current files to a dropbox account, downloads the new server files from the same account, and restarts the server to the new java.

Yeah I doubt anyone's gonna answer me but if ya never ask you'll never get an answer anyway :D
It should not be that difficult, especially with Java's massive standard library.
Yeah, I just have no idea about Java at all (yeah I know it's similar to C++ in a lot of ways but I wouldn't even know how to do this in C)

I have an idea of how this might be done but not coded

The java program what handles all this is actually the main java file executed by the server and it runs the actual server java as it's child (so it can remain in control of files and has ability to keep running while the server can be off for swapping) and there's a config setup stating the FTP files access requirements for the hosted server and the Dropbox account. Different servers should be kept in subdirectories on the dropbox, folders named the same as the server.jar inside.

Hopefully it'd be possible to enter into the console a certain command just to close the current server, swap files and open new server.
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That would be neat. I used to own one to . FileZilla and all that.. What's the servers ip?
Why are you doing it in Java if you don't know Java?
If you have a dedicated server, just have it back up to the dedicated server and download it when you need it.
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