cant wait for this movie

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i smell a blockbuster. up there with sharknado

edit: forgot the link lol
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It looks like you linked to a fake upload, the original is on the author's channel:

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Sharknado is real??
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@toad: very real
@lb: didnt mean to. my friend showed it to me and when i went home thats the first one that popped up
I know you didn't mean to, that's what fake upload are for - stealing traffic from the original author. YouTube does have a feature for partners to try and prevent this by finding and removing reuploads, but it can backfire sometimes when it thinks that the copy is the original and your original is the copy (dunno why they couldn't just have it check dates).
Sharknado is a syfy movie that some how got enough acclaim that they are making Sharknado 2 already.

Sharknado 2:
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