Would this be copyright infringement?

I was thinking of uploading this text-based rpg i'm working on and maybe some future projects to a blog and putting a donation button at the bottom just so the option is there, would I be in trouble if the game got really popular? It's pretty much a miniature text-based version of Final Fantasy 11.

Edit: Lastly, what if I put an ad on the blog?
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Hmmm...This can be a problem, but maybe you can slightly change the names and iconic places present in Final Fantasy 11, therefore they cannot press any charges on you.

Not to derail, the thread or anything but say I copied a Music Album and upload it to YouTube, with a slight change in frequency like 1 up or down. Would that still be Copy Right. I hope not as we changes the frequency by one so theoretically it is slightly different.
I wouldn't worry about a text based RPG blowing up to the size where FF want to sue you...

As for the music question, one way of changing frequency is to change the key of a piece of music. Shifting key however, changes the values of notes by percentage, keeping the sound the same. This is still breaching copyright.

However, if you shifted every note in a piece by x hertz (i.e. All notes by the same value rather than by percentage), Perhaps with a big enough x (x = 200 let's say), the piece would sound completely different and you might get around that copyright (although the piece would sound totally awful).
Well you could still edit it a little bit more, right?

Copyright means nobody else may reproduce, distribute, or create derivative works from your work. Even if you "shift the pitch", it's still considered a derived work and you are infringing unless you have a license.
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