Good Appliances for Linux in VirtualBox w/o Hardware Virtualization

Hey all, I want to run Linux in VirtualBox, but my problem is that Hardware Virtualization is disabled and not supported on my system (no option in BIOS, anyway). Apparently the only downside here is that I cannot run 64-bit operating systems in VirtualBox even though my Windows 7 is 64-bit, however several Linux appliances I tried that didn't say anything about being 64-bit won't run due to hardware virtualization being disabled.

So, does anyone have some recommendations of good Linux Appliances to use with VirtualBox without Hardware Virtualization?
I don't have an answer to your question, I don't usually use virtualbox. Have you tried a different VM like vmwareplayer?
I'm trying VirtualBox first for obvious financial reasons.
VMware Player is free.
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Right click the machine -> settings -> system -> acceleration tab.

At least that's how you disable VT-x/AMD-V.
@xerzi the entire tab is disabled so I can't even click on it.
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