m.cplusplus.com - Since when?

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It clearly still has some work to do (hence why smartphone browsers aren't automatically redirected methinks), but I'm really glad that we're getting better support for mobile devices.

Hmm just got on with my Android phone, definitely was not mobile at all :(
Yeah, the posts are still fixed-width.
On my iPad it works just fine.
Obviously it would look fine on devices with large screens.
They have had it for a while now. I get directed to that everytime I punch in cplusplus.com on my wife's smart phone.
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I have known about it, but I don't get redirected on my iPad, iPod Touch, or Galaxy 8.
Don't know, just know that on my wife's StraightTalk Merit ZTE smart phone it automatically directs me to the mobile site.
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maybe that browser attempts to find a mobile version first?
Well on iPhones I can navigate with little hassle.
I don't bother using this site on my phone (Android 4.1.2) because it's hard to navigate and also the text area behaves strangely (auto-capitalisation and auto-spacing with Swype don't work for some reason).
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I use the default safari and chrome browser on mine. I very rarely use it on my mobile devices, besides my iPad, because it is very hard to navigate. I hated the auto-capitalization too, so I turned it of :D.
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